The Wuskowhan Story

Wuskowhan takes its name from the Narragansett Indian word for “wanderer” – also the name that tribe gave to the passenger pigeon. The now-extinct birds were frequently hunted by the Narragansett, and nested by the millions throughout the region a century ago.

Wuskowhan’s history is grounded in a fundamental respect for both nature and the game of golf. These tenets can be found within the club philosophy and motto.

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Welcome to Wuskowhan

Wuskowhan is a non-gratuity club that provides its members a wide range of services and amenities, ranging from valet parking to club storage and locker room attendants. The course is available to members and their guests seven days per week from April through November.

Wuskowhan is a private club owned by its founding members, with current membership by invitation only. Membership quantities are strictly limited to ensure a quality club experience.

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Learn About Our Caddie Program

The main focus of our caddie program is to provide a service to our members and their guests. We believe and expect the best from our caddies, and this begins with your excitement and interest in becoming the best caddie you can be, and in our ability to properly train you to this end. As a caddie, you are responsible for knowing and caring for the equipment of your players for the round. Walking along side your players...

Club Philosophy

To provide an exceptional golfing and clubhouse experience for those who love the game and to preserve the environment in which it is played.

Club Motto

Dress and act within the Traditions of Golf.

In 1994, the founders of Wuskowhan Players Club set out to provide a truly great experience for those with a passion for golf. The club would have no swimming pools. No tennis courts. What it would have is a standing, fundamental commitment to provide members with an exceptional living tribute to the game.

The club’s dedication to environmental preservation and stewardship extends beyond its name and philosophy. Wuskowhan was the first course in Michigan to be designated as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary, signifying a commitment to environmental excellence in the management of the land.

Today, the result is a club that, in many ways, brings the player closer to the game of golf and its natural surroundings than any other. The club and the land have grown and matured together, creating the ideal destination for golfers – the true player’s course.

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