2016 Golf Schedule Released


We are excited to announce our events calendar is out for 2016!

Upcoming events: April

April 22nd – First Lunch

April 29th & 30th– Hope Boys MIAA

Upcoming events: May

May 2nd– WM Pro Am (Course Closed)

May 8th– Mother’s Day

May 9th – JA Outing (Course Closed)

May 10th– Holland Christian 1:00 Shotgun

May 10th – Main Lunch Menu Starts

May 12th – Spring Opener- 3:00 Start

May 16th– U.S. Open Qualifier (Course Closed)

May 17th– Cornerstone Outing- 12:30 SG start

May 19th– Ladies Opener- 8:30AM

May 19th– First official Men’s night- 5:30 start

May 19th– First Dinner Service

May 21st– Wine Dinner

May 23rd– Wee One Foundation.  (Course Closed)

May 25th– 1st Wed. Night Dinner Special

May 27th– Demo Day 11-4

May 28th– 1st Play & Dine 2:00PM

Upcoming events: June

June 10th– Friday Play & Dine 3:00PM

June 11th– Summer Gala Couples Event- 11:30

June 11th– Summer Gala Party- 6:30

June 17th & 18th– Member-Member

June 19th – Father’s Day Brunch

June 21st– New Lunch/Dinner Menus

Upcoming events: July

July 4th– Monday- Open

July 12th– Ladies Member-Guest

July 21st– Member-Guest Practice Rd.

July 22nd & 23rd– Member-Guest

July 26th– New Lunch/Dinner Menus

Upcoming events: August

August 2nd & 4th– Sr. & Super Sr. Club Champ

August 5th– 7th – Club Championship

August 12th– Couples Golf/Beer Dinner

August 17th– Kids Family Night

August 18th – Ladies Member-Member

August 23rd – New Lunch/Dinner Menus

August 26th – Players Cup- 1:00 Start

Upcoming events: September

September 1st – Last official Thursday Ladies

September 7th – Last Wed. Night Dinner

September 12th– Van Andel Institute Outing

September 15th– Men’s Shootout 5:00

September 23rd & 24th– Final Dinner Service

September 26th & 27th– Green Aeration

Upcoming events: October

October 3rd– Hope Men MIAA

October 15th– Last Menu Lunch Service

October 16th– Oct 29th– Lunch Soup Bar & Burger/Dogs

October 28th– Tough Man


*Event dates are subject to change*